Board of Trustees

Lynn Boulger; Dean of Institutional Advancement, College of the Atlantic: My daughter attended a Waldorf-inspired elementary school in Blue Hill, Maine that enriched the life of our family in so many ways. Community-based schools teach reverence for the natural world, place emphasis on the arts, and teach that a sense of community is a priority for living a happy and connected life. I want to support this alternative on Mount Desert Island, a community that has given so much to our family.

Judith Cox; Retired Professional Teacher: The Community School mission and vision resonate with my own long-held vision for education and life in general.  My commitment to qualities such as relevance, creativity, responsiveness, perspective, empathy and compassion have driven my role as classroom teacher, district administrator, working with pre-service and in-service teachers and parents . The central focus of the Community School on place and a balance of heart and mind promises to provide opportunities for children to synthesize their experiences in this “garden of learning” which I am confident will be foundational for their futures wherever they go.  I am committed to and grateful for the intentional and purposeful initiative of The Community School of Mount Desert Island.

Ann Grinnell; For as long as I can remember I have been moved by the notion that we are here to learn.  We are here to engage deeply in a process, if we so choose, that will allow for our deepest discovery of who we are in relation to the people, the experiences, and the places around us. With children in the public school system, I am more than honored and excited to be a part of a school that, at its core, intends to nurture this very process in the young children it serves. What a gift The Community School is at the center of it all. 

Ursula Hanson; School Counselor, Frenchboro School, Longfellow School; Early Childhood Consultant and Outreach Program, Healthy Acadia: I grew up traveling extensively with my family and the wonder of learning through exploration and adventure were influential in my life, as was the importance of community in the many places we lived. When I think of The Community School, exploration, adventure and community are integral facets of their philosophy so I welcomed the invitation to be a member of their board. Since receiving my Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University, I have been committed to supporting and nurturing the well being of children and families. My roles have included therapist, case manager, consultant and advocate in the fields of adoption, foster care and mental health.

Andrew Griffiths; Administrative Dean, College of the Atlantic: Andrew Griffiths joined College of the Atlantic in 2004, after 25 years as the vice president for finance and administration at WGBH, the public broadcaster in Boston. In 2011, he served as the interim President of the College. Prior to his public television position, he served as the director of the budget at EPA in Washington and the Associate Commissioner of the Massachusetts Welfare Department. For ten years he was a systems engineer including three years at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory before switching careers, first to managing a small non-profit in Boston and then into government administration. He graduated from Brown University and received his Masters Degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University. 

Nick Burnett; I live in Somesville with my wife and two boys. During the process of helping the
school buy the Babson House in 2016 as their representative broker, I became a big supporter,
recognizing its high level of commitment, focus, and vision, and its integration into community and natural surroundings. When asked to consider joining the Board, it was an easy decision to support the school in any way I am able. Currently I am working toward a degree in psychology with which I aim to work with children and teenagers. I envision eventually working in or around education in some capacity.

David Milliken

Rachel Sisson